Setting Yourself Up for Financial Success

Setting Yourself Up for Financial Success


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Find your pricing foundation for your business in this intense pricing course that will help you set your business up for financial success.

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In this unique and intense pricing course Jamie Pfister teaches you The Adore Girls' method to finding your pricing foundation, (your minimum price point), that you can build your pricing menu around to ensure that you meet your financial goals.

The Adore Girls started using this method in 2016 and it increased their gross sales 64% for the year and increased their net profit by 251%. The proof is in the numbers that when you take the time to learn your individual business and find your minimum price point you can set a pricing structure that will guarantee that you reach your financial goals. 

Every business is different and each business has it's own unique fingerprint which is made up of your costs, expenses and financial goals. This course requires work on your end to get real with your business. It provides you the tools to use The Adore Girls' method to finding your business' unique minimum price point.

Once you get real with yourself and your business, set your goals and put a pricing structure in place for your individual business, you will set yourself up for financial success. 

Included in the course:

  • Video walking you through the method and worksheets
  • Worksheets to find your Minimum Price Point
  • The Adore Girls' actual Profit & Loss Reports from 2015 and 2016 showing you that this method actually works. We believe in complete transparency.
  • Invite into The Adore Girls' Cut the Bullshit Private Facebook Group for Q&A's, continued learning and much more