Boudoirbiz101 - What It's All About

Welcome to Boudoirbiz101!

I'm Jamie Pfister, Owner and Boudoir Photographer at The Adore Girls in Nashville, TN.  I want to start off our blog with just a little background on my business and what this website is all about.

I started my studio back in March of 2012 on a whim. Now in 2017, The Adore Girls is myself, Courtney Bell, full time photographer and videographer, and Sarah Kay our full time hair and makeup artist. 

Over the last five years I have learned many life and business lessons. I have made mistakes, I have taken risks, I have failed and I have succeeded. My studio now has over 200 clients per year and we gross over $400,000 a year. We have become one of the most successful boudoir studios in the country and not by chance. I have worked my ass off to get my studio to where it is. I have learned many life and business lessons, sometimes to the point that I thought I was breaking. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned through it all is that you have to make the mistakes, take the risks, learn the lessons that lies within it all in order to grow and succeed.

I want to share what we have learned, share our mistakes and our methods that has helped the studio grow to where it is today. You will find tutorials, PDF's, videos, our business journal plus much more over time as we grow the website. This won't just be about business, our goal is to share about every aspect of a boudoir studio including shooting, posing, videography and everything in between.

I believe in 100% transparency when I talk about my business and the studio. What I won't do is add fluff, inflate or sugar coat anything. What you read is real. What you see is real. The good and the bad. When I share about the business and our numbers, it is never to boast or brag. I share the information because in order for you to believe what I tell you is true and to show that something works, you need to see the proof. The same is true with the bad. I will share what has not worked, the dumb mistakes, the struggles and the embarrassing moments. We all make mistakes and like I said before, those are the most valuable lessons. 

Here on the blog we will be journalling about the studio. We will be sharing what is going on in the studio, what is working, what is not, sharing advice and tips and answering any questions you have.

If there is a topic you would like us to cover, a tutorial you would like to see please leave us a comment! 

Until next time...